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Updates about EVSE 6kW, TeslaChip and new modules

2018-05-14 15:10
by V-tech Tuning

1. Our 2-phase 6kW home EVSE for Type1 and Type2 is in production.

All cables are detachable. With 16A 3-phase power source you can charge with full speed of 6kWh, with 10A 3-phase power source – 5kW max is possible. Soon 8kW version will be available.

2. TeslaChip for P100D, and 100D is ready. Max power gain of 34hp is possible in 100D. Range extension and coasting is added, for both – standard and chill mode.

3. SoulChip for Kia Soul EV is added. Gains are similar to LeafBox.

4. e-Golf solution is also added, with perfect increase of range.

5. Toyota/Lexus Hybrid is added, it works properly but there are two types of wirings. We work to find method of identifying them basing on model and model year.

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