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Understanding difference between standard charger and Accelev

As we have received dozens of questions about how Accelev compares to typical 16A or 32A single phase charger (EVSE), I add a simple graphic explanation.

Typical 16A charger connected to 16A x 3 phase home grid (10 kW max capability, standard in Europe), drains one phase totally. Charging speed is about 3,3 - 3,5 kW. Nothing else can be connected to that phase (breaker will turn off the power). Also, no 3-phase tool can be used while charging an EV car.
With Accelev two phases are equally loaded. So with 3,3 kW charging speed, each phase will be loaded with half of its capability (about 8A)

But you can load two phases fully and charge 6,6-7,0 kW because Accelev includes Grid Monitoring. If any additional load is detected, charger reduces charging speed (or stops charging) for a period of the additional load operation. It gives you fastest possible home charging for cars with single phase onboard charger. Among these cars, we can find Nissan Leaf, Jaguar I-Pace, Opel Ampera, Hyundai Kona EV and many many others.

32A charging from a single phase with a conventional charger is possible when you own a dedicated 32A per phase home supply. It costs.

I hope this explains the difference between single phase charger and Accelev.