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Accelev Server Chart Explained

Accelev Server Chart Explained

This paragraph will soon be added, along with others (about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth authentication, Pin Access, variable fan speed, and many other new functions).

Here I would like to explain, what is visible at the graph at and also iPhone and Android, as well as Windows and iMac apps (soon to be shown).

The graph consists of four lines – Voltage is divided by 10, so 250V is presented as 25, to make the chart more compact. The energy in kWh represents energy delivered to the car. Your car may report slightly lower energy delivered, because of battery and onboard AC/DC converter losses.

Power in kW is green, current in Amps is red.

During this charge, with Accelev 6kW 2 phase→1phase charger (notice, that voltage is also boosted to 240-250V by this charger to accelerate charging speed) I did the following actions:

0. I have started a typical charge, with a speed of 5,4 kW.
1. I have pressed „Current Boost” at the charger screen. Charger negotiated higher power (from 5,4 to 5,8kW). Amperes arose from 22,8 to 24,1A. Then, I switched it off so current dropped back to 22,8A
2. I have activated „Current Boost” again. It speeds up charging by 10%.
3. I have reduced amperes to 15A (without „Current Boost” car decided to set it to 13,8A).
4. I set the current to lowest possible (6A)

By hovering your pointer you can read more precise data. The chart can be zoomed with mouse roll, or set to standard view with a right mouse click.
Graph updates automatically during charge. All older charge occurrences are stored (links are at the bottom of the page, where this chart is).