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Accelev 3-phase charger 11kW & 22kW

Intelligent 3-phase charger with Anti Trip of Breakers (11kW, 22kW)

It is not an ordinary EVSE. It protects your home grid from overload, even if you charge your EV with a maximum speed.


  • Grid monitoring - immediate load reduction while grid overload detected
  • Battery Balancing - balance battery and increase SOH and capacity.
  • Checks the quality & capability of power source (home grid) - read more
  • BatteryCare - unique full charging / no full charging modes - read more
  • Updateable - flash most recent firmware via micro USB
  • Touch screen with „geek mode” monitor all parameters while loading

Its ability to detect other grid loads and reduce speed accordingly makes it possible to prevent home breakers’ trips.

The overnight Battery Balancing procedure may increase the usable capacity of your battery and state of health (SOH) - it works with all EV cars.

Select options with the onboard touchscreen or mobile app, update new functions via USB. Monitor the health of your home energy grid with a SOP (State of Power) meter (read more here).

Cable length and detachability is customizable according to customer wishes.

We believe that Accelev Home is the most modern EVSE home wallbox of our times.

Charging speed

Accelev EVSE tries to optimise your charging speed and load automatically, therefore, the following situations may occur:

  • your AC network is not loaded, the car battery is not full – charging speed is maximised
  • your AC network is overloaded – charging speed is reduced by Accelev
  • your car battery is almost full – charging speed is reduced by car.


1. What is a typical setup of charger you suggest?
We highly suggest to use BatteryCare with No Full Charging for everyday use and commuting, and BatteryCare without No Full Charging for occasional, long trip occurrences. Charging battery full, along with it’s high temperature reduces usable capacity and State Of Health of your battery.

2. Can I restart ReVive balancing again after it finished to balance and cure my battery even more?
Yes, but such a procedure won't gain.

3. Can I use Accelev outdoors?
Yes, it is waterproof.

4. Can I charge Type1/Type2 cars with one charger?
Yes. You need just cables we provide. Mennekes (Type 2) and J1772 (Type 1) are available. Your charger is delivered with one of these types. If you want more – ask us.

5. Can I have longer/shorter cables for supply/car connection?
Of course. Just tell us what do you need and we will produce that.

  • 2021.09.07 - v2.64 - change in error display from codes to text description for all languages; added Timeshift function up to 99 hours in the Time menu. Data entry format 01-99; clicking on the hour is a shortcut to the Time menu, and the WiFi range icon is a shortcut to the connections menu
  • 2021.03.29 - v2.62 - option to disable the screensaver, added password protection option
  • 2020.10.28 - v2.51 - WiFi support
  • 2020.04.28 - v2.25 - high-temperature error threshold for single-phase chargers changed from 50 to 70 degrees
  • 2020.03.24 - v2.24 - parameter measurement performed on each screen; auto-return to the main screen after 1 minute of inactivity on the configuration screens
  • 2020.01.16 - v2.20
  • 2020.01.03 - v2.18
  • 2019.12.20 - v2.16
  • 2019.11.21 - v2.12 - SOP parameter added, Polish language added
  • 2019.09.30 - v2.10 - Autostart function improved. It is now possible to start the loader through the preheating system.
  • 2019.09.23 - v2.09 - Corrected error displaying temperatures below zero degrees
  • 2019.06.28 - v2.07 - Current Boost added
  • 2019.06.12 - v2.06 - auto calibration of energy meter added, minor changes
  • 2019.06.10 - v2.05 - energy meter algo updated, more precise Grid Monitoring settings, autostart corrected for Tesla, unexpected stops in Leaf 40kW while using BatteryCare solved
  • 2019.06.01 - v2.04 - hysteresis for fan controller added to avoid repeating starts/stops of fan
  • 2019.05.10 - v2.03 - bug in Autostart solved (no more fan running after charging finished/cable disconnected). Minor updates. Autostart must be switched off prior to firmware update to avoid Error 02
  • 2019.04.25 - v2.02 - the speed of reaction of Grid Monitoring vastly improved (0,01 sec now). Power presentation in orange instead of green while BatteryCare or Grid Monitoring active and controlling the load. Mode 1 charging added for Mitsubishi i-Miev first gen (with 3.0 kW onboard charger)
  • 2019.04.20 - v2.01 - impulse based option of ultra-balancing added (with access code for beta-testers), presentation of actual voltage at grid monitoring button added, SoftStart and AutoStart functions added (see manual). Outlander PHEV special, faster charging routine added (omits in-charge balancing, forces battery balancing at the end of charging, saves about 15 min extra, and 30 min in total vs any other charger)
  • 2019.04.10 - v2.00 - first official release

Standard delivery includes Type 2 EVSE-to-car cable. If you need Tesla USA plug or Type 1 plug, please inform us or your distributor. You can also order two or all three types of plugs, with additional fee.