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  • Can an EVSE charger be an advanced friend to your car?

Can an EVSE charger be an advanced friend to your car?

2022-11-07 12:03
by V-tech Tuning

The absolute majority of electric car chargers do not have any above-standard features. It applies both to chargers supplied with the car and to third-party productions. However, our solution, Accelev, stands out positively in this aspect. Some of the most valuable features that extend the capabilities of the charger include :
the possibility to charge not fully (the charger detects this automatically)
charging a specific amount of energy
battery balancing using appropriate impulse charging
detection of mains overload and automatic reduction of the charging speed
charging according to a schedule

These features alone mean that, by choosing our EVSE Accelev, you are buying something more than a charger.
We are proud of our ideas - DC, AC, industrial and home chargers, as well as special chargers for Renault in Norway (3x220V mains without European N).

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