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Type1 Portable charger

4.8kW 2-phase Type1 portable charger

It charges up to 4.8kW Type1 cars (Leaf, PHEV, US Tesla etc) using equally balanced load of 2 phases of 230V. Max current = 20A (boost mode ) or 16A (standard mode). "Superphase" has higher voltage (240V instead of 230V) to accelerate charging, as cars limit current, but accept any voltage between 100 and 250V.

You can unplug it from 400V, and connect to 230V - then it works like factory 2.0 kW charger. It is portable and detacheable from 400V cable (so you can have one cable installed permanently at home, and second one to take with you for yourneys.

Speed for Tesla - 21-22 km/h (4,8 kW, 20A), 10 A per phase

Speed for Outlander PHEV - 3,6 kW (factory charger limits at 14,0 A), 8 A per phase

Speed for Nissan Leaf - 20A, 240V = 4,8 kW, 10A per phase.

In production soon.

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